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Master Studio Lighting

In-depth Training

Join Lindsay Adler as you journey through this comprehensive 10 week studio lighting course. Lindsay will coach you through the basics all the way up to learning how to light like a pro.

50+ Videos Lessons

A culmination of all of Lindsay’s lighting knowledge, there has been no stone left unturned in this extensive training with over 15+ hours of on demand content in short focused lessons.

Helpful Extras

A comprehensive gear guide, study materials, practice assignments, private Facebook group and more help keep you on the right track every step of the way.

About this course

Master Studio Lighting is an on demand educational course designed to help you grow your skills in lighting and empower you to create stunning photos. Photography is all about lighting, and becoming a master of studio lighting begins with speaking the language of light. How do modifiers, exposure, distance of light, highlights and shadows work together to help you to communicate? It’s a lot to think about, but I’m here to help.

I’m deeply passionate about light and I’ve spent more than 17 years honing my skills. My control of light frees me, and is one of the core reasons for my success. Now, I want to pass that knowledge and freedom on to you in the most in-depth training I’ve ever created. This isn’t your typical video tutorial series, I’ve crafted this training to be in a course format where you can follow along and take step by step action to grow and master studio lighting. There is no other lighting class like it.

How will this course help you?

The million dollar question…how will Master Studio Lighting make YOU a better photographer? 

Simple. I will teach you everything I know about lighting, and by the time we are done you will emerge a lighting ninja, equipped to take on any lighting situation! You’ll instantly be able to create higher quality photos which in turn will help you book more clients and become better at your craft.  

What you'll Learn

  • Studio Essentials
  • Modifiers
  • Gear and Grip Essentials
  • Working with Speedlights
  • Working in small spaces
  • Shooting different styles, headshots,
    creative portraits, boudoir
  • Inverse Square Law
  • Quality & Direction of Light
  • Placement, distance and angle of light
  • When to use 1, 2 or 3 lights
  • Ten, 1, 2 and 3 light setups
  • High & Low key lighting
  • Using gels

Sample images from the course

In this course you’ll learn EXACTLY what it takes to make each of these shots! You’ll learn how to choose the right modifiers, where to place the light, how to get your exposure right and… how to create similar results no matter what gear you have!


There are over 50 on demand lessons in total, divided up into easy to follow segments.

(Click a week below to expand lessons)

  • Essential Concepts
    • Setting Up for Success
    • Shutter Speed
    • Flash Exposure and Aperture
    • Flash Exposure ISO 
    • Flash Exposure- Strobe Distance
    • Flash Exposure – Strobe Output
    • Modifiers and Camera Settings Summarized
    • Problem Scenario 1
    • Problem Scenario 2
    • Problem Scenario 3
    • Things that Affect White Balance and Why Not To Use Auto
    • Camera Settings – They Don’t Matter (Kind Of)
    • Metering Essentials
  • Bonus Videos:
    • Modeling Lights (Bonus)
    • Speedlight Considerations (Bonus)
    • Controlling Your Environment (Bonus)
    • Studio Grip (Bonus) 
  • Inverse Square Law
    • Intro, A Bit of Math
    • Practical Uses of the Inverse Square Law
    • Density of Shadows
    • Problem Solving Scenario 1
    • Problem Solving Scenario 2 and 3
    • The Magic of a Grey Background
  • Bonus Videos:
    • Tethering Essentials: Getting Started (Bonus)
    • Tethering Essentials: Lightroom (Bonus)
  • Quality and Direction of Light
    • Properties, Quantity, Quality of Light
    • Quality of Light and Shadow Edge
    • Direction of Light, Lighting Patterns
    • Lighting Patterns, Short and Broad Light
    • Direction and Height of the Light
    • Types of Modification, Direct, Diffused, Bounced
  • Modifying Light Essentials
    • Diffused Light
    • Bounced and Reflected Light
    • Characteristics of a Modifier
    • V-Flat Soft Light
    • DIY Softbox
  • Exploring Modifiers
    • Analyzing Modifiers
    • Depth of a Modifier
    • Hard Light Modifiers
    • Beauty Dishes
    • Umbrellas
    • Softboxes
    • Comparing Three Essentials
    • Large Modifiers Close to the Subject
  • Bonus Videos:
    • Comparing Modifiers (Bonus)
    • Light and Skin (Bonus)
  • The Purpose of Light
    • The Light’s Purpose
    • Additional Terminology
    • Mastering Shadows
    • Lighting Ratios
  • Bonus Video:
    • Feathering the Light 
  • 10 Essential One-Light Setups
    • Paramount with Silver Reflector
    • Paramount with Two White Reflectors
    • Short Light Loop and Silver Rim Reflector
    • Rembrandt with White Fill Reflector
    • Bare Bulb, Flag and Silver Reflector
    • Checkerboard Lighting
    • Rembrandt Short Light
    • Split Light
    • Softbox Behind Silhouette
    • Bare Bulb Behind
  • Old Hollywood Hard Light (Over the Shoulder)
  • Restricting Light
    • Grids
    • Flags
    • Flags – Creative Results
  • Bonus Video:
    • Cinefoil: DIY Barn Doors, Snoot and Flag
  • Shooting in Small Spaces
    • Small Spaces- Introduction
    • Mixing Strobes and Speedlights
    • Backgrounds
    • Modifiers and Light Sources
    • Subject’s Distance to Background
    • Spill of Light
    • Full-Length Shots
    • One-Light Headshot and Portrait
    • Vintage Hollywood Portrait with Two Speedlights
  • 10 Essential Two-Light Setups
    • Octabox in Paramount, Snoot, and Silver Reflector
    • Octabox in Loop, Strip Softbox Below
    • Octabox in Paramount, Strip Softbox Below
    • Octabox in Paramount, Silver Reflector Below, Softbox Behind
    • Octabox in Loop, Stripbox as Hairlight
    • Two-Light Checkerboard Lighting
    • Octabox in Loop, Stripbox as Rim
    • Octabox in Loop, Stripbox, Reflector as Rim
    • Octabox in Short Light Split, Stripbox Softbox as Rim
    • Bare Bulb, Flag, Softbox Behind
  • Golden Leaves (Over The Shoulder)
  • Octabox, Stripbox Beauty Shoot (Over The Shoulder
  • Train Your Eye- Good Light vs. Bad Light 
    • Main Light Too Low, Main Light Too High
    • Misplaced Rim Lights and Overexposed Rim Lights
    • Lens Flare from Rim or Back Lights
    • Clam Shell Under-Light
    • Flatten Shadows or Cross-Light
    • Wring Angle of Beauty Dish
    • Gold Reflector 
  • Top  Studio Lighting Challenges
    • How Do I Make a White Background White?
    • How Do I Make a White Background Evenly Full-Length?
    • How Do I Make the Floor Look White on Full-Length Shot?
    • How Do I Light a Subject Evenly Full-Length?
    • How Do I Create True Silhouettes?
    • How Do I Avoid Casting My Subject’s Shadow on the Background?
    • How Do I Avoid Reflections on the Subject’s Glasses?
    • How Do I Blur Out the Background in the Studio?
    • How Do I Light a Group Evenly with One or Two Lights?
    • How Do I Mix and Match Different Brands to Work Together?
  • 10 Essential Three-Light Setups
  • How Many Lights Should You Own?
  • When, Why and How to Add a Third Light?
  • Using Three Modifiers Only
  • Gels
    • Gel Essentials
    • Gelling the Background
    • Gels as Rim Lights 
    • Gels and Fill Light
    • Using Multiple Gels
    • Warm Beauty (Over the Shoulder)
  • How To Use V-Flats
    • Block and Bounce the Light 
    • Bounce as Main Light 
    • Black V-Flat Corner and Negative Fill 
  • Lighting The Body 
    • High-Key Setup
    • Low-Key Setup
    • Bringing It All Together 
      • Fitness / Athlete (Over the Shoulder)
      • Headshots (Over the Shoulder)
      • Mature Woman Portrait (Over the Shoulder)
      • Darker Skin Tones (Over the Shoulder)
      • Dramatic Male Portrait (Over the Shoulder)
      • How To Use Your Lighting Knowledge

Helpful Extras

200+ page PDF companion guide. Perfect to print out and follow along with. 

Convenient PDF gear guide to that outlines anything and everything you may need.

What people are saying


This course makes me understand one of the most important ingredients of making a beautiful photo in the studio. Awesome!
Probably the best investment in my photography profession, I am getting huge confidence day by day! Thanks a lot to Ms. Lindsay for your invaluable course full of trade secrets and winning formulas!
I spent 3 years doing a degree in professional photography at a respected University in Scotland and a fairly major part of that was studio work. In a few lessons here, Lindsay has been clearer and more thorough in her descriptions that the lecturers on my course.​
Lindsay Adler’s “Master Studio Lighting” helped me to see light better and pushed my photography in more creative ways. Thanks Lindsay!
Did my week 1 & 2 assignments today - I'm SO GLAD you put homework in here Lindsay Adler!! I have watched videos & read, but actually WRITING it down (tests) and DOING THE PRACTICE has been an eye opener to me!
I had my first editorial shoot on Tuesday and I'm still making my way through the images I took. Lindsay's Master Studio lighting helped me so much!
I am halfway through, and wow. I gotta say, even though I am definitely not a novice with the lights, this course is filling in gaps that I have wondered about for so long, but that no one was really talking about --and pushing me to think in completely new ways about shadow, all the time. I will probably see parts of this course 2 or 3 times before I am done with this round, and then plan to cycle back when questions or opportunities arise. So much good stuff. Thank you, Master Studio Lighting with Lindsay Adler!
I spent 3 years doing a degree in professional photography at a respected University in Scotland and a fairly major part of that was studio work. In a few lessons here, Lindsay has been clearer and more thorough in her descriptions that the lecturers on my course.
I love Lindsay's approach and teaching methods. I have a much better understanding of studio lighting. Most importantly, the course is teaching me to be more deliberate about lighting and to plan photo shoots beforehand instead of using trial and error or "winging it".
I really love Linsay's approach in this course. I have learned a lot thus far and even in areas where I came in thinking I understood the concepts, she has opened my eyes to the reasons why. The way she takes us through a progression, for instance with this last section on modifiers, is very helpful. Rather than just tell us how it is, she gives us several options and puts them side by side to compare. For me, there is no better way for the concepts to sink in. She repeats the concepts to make sure that the key components are understood and each time she repeats something or says it in a slightly different way, I feel like it is being understood better and better. In all, this has been a great course and I am looking forward to future lessons.
Far Exceeded my expectations!
Even with 15 yrs as a studio photographer there are so many new things I've learned (the C-stand tip - who knew!) and reminders of things I've forgotten. It's been easy to follow and Lindsey has kept in interesting, informative and thorough. The amount of time, effort and detail she has put in to this really shines through and is by far the most comprehensive lighting course I've take. Thank you for all of your hard work!