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Become an expert at reading light!

Have you ever admired a photo and wonder how it was lit? 

Learning to read light gives you the ability to understand how to recreate the lighting you see in images that inspire you and every image you see quickly becomes a lesson in lighting! You can break apart how an images lit, and therefore teach yourself new lighting setups!

How can learning to "read" light improve my photography?

Wonder no more! This guide will show you how to analyze a photograph to determine how many lights were used, the light’s placement, and what modifiers were used. 

What’s included:

  • Key terms and rules of lighting
  • Lighting Patterns
  • Examining the Shadows
  • Studying the catchlights
  • Highlights and Rim Lights
  • The science of light
  • Seeing Natural Light
Seeing the Light Guide - Lindsay Adler Photography

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