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Softbox Lighting Guide


Softboxes are an essential staple of a photographer’s studio lighting kit, and for a good reason; they amazingly versatile and extremely flattering! It’s often one of the first modifiers that photographers new to lighting get, but often don’t know the best ways to utilize it. That’s why I created this Softbox Lighting Guide!

In this guide I’ll educate and inspire you on how to create stunning and diverse images with softboxes. With 20 different setups you will learn how a softbox can be used to achieve everything from high key headshots, to sculptural portraits, to full length fashion images as well as beautiful experiments with creative gel photography.

Many setups in this guide require only a single light and 1 modifier, however we don’t stop there. In fact, we will examine what can be achieved with one, two, or three softboxes. For each setup you are provided everything you need to recreate the look including the power of light, distance of light, modifiers, behind the scenes, step-by-step instructions and more!

Already love your softbox? Now you’ll have even more reason to fall in love with it, and achieve a wide range of aesthetics with this powerful essential tool!

Setups in this guide


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